UFC fighter nicknamed Predator will star in the new Fast and the Furious

Franco-Cameroonian mixed-style fighter (MMA) Francis Ngannu will star in the ninth part of the movie The Fast and the Furious. It is reported by Deadline.

What role 32-year-old Nganna will play in the upcoming picture is not clear. The ninth film of the cinema series has not yet received an official name.

It’s not the first time that an athlete from the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC) appears in Fast and Furious. In the seventh part of the franchise, one of the roles was played by former UFC champion American Ronda Rosie.

Ngannu is ranked second in the UFC heavyweights ranking. On account of the African 11 fights under the auspices of the organization, in which he lost only twice. Eight out of nine victories in the UFC Ngannu won by knockout. In particular, he prematurely completed the fight against former UFC heavyweight champion Kane Velazquez at the February 17 UFC tournament. A native of Cameroon was nicknamed the Predator.

The original “Fast and the Furious” was released in 2001. The film spawned seven more sequels and one spin-off. The star of the film franchise is the American actor Vin Diesel. Also in the films of the series were Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.

“Real” took a loan for Neymar

Real Madrid President Florentino Perez issued a loan for the subsequent deal to transfer Brazilian striker Paris Saint-Germain Neymar. It is reported by Sport.es.

The head of the “royal club” turned to financial institutions and took a loan to prepare for negotiations on the transfer of a 27-year-old Brazilian. It is noted that the functionary pushed for such a decision by the failure in the proceeds of the proceeds from the sale of players. It is expected that the transaction will be completed next week.


Like Barcelona, ​​the Madrid club is interested in the Brazilian’s transition and is ready to offer a number of basic players in exchange for the player. In particular, Real Madrid, according to media reports, may part with the Croatian Luka Modric. In addition, according to Sport.es, Madrid are ready to offer Neymar a contract for a total of 200 million euros, according to which he will earn 40 million euros per season.

Neymar has been with PSG since 2017. His transfer from Barcelona cost the Parisians 222 million euros, which was a record for world football. In the 2018/19 season, he has 23 goals in 28 games for PSG.

Anthony Joshua: Lennox Lewis is a clown, no respect for him

Former world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua reacted quite sharply to the criticisms of his compatriot, the undisputed world champion in this weight, Lennox Lewis. Earlier, Joshua already noted that Lewis’s words about the current boxers are too much negative, but now he spoke even more clearly.

“Lennox is a clown. “I don’t respect Lennox,” Joshua said in the AJ: The Untold Truth documentary on Sky Sports, and replied to the objection that Lewis left an outstanding legacy. – So what? So do I. Lennox and I are different. My legacy is to relax and enjoy the way the next generation makes its way to the heights, and not get into their business. Just appreciate what it costs to get to the top. Lennox is not like that. We are made from a different test. ”

Lewis in response to this suggested that this story that he allegedly envies Joshua, is specially hyped by someone from the team of the ex-champion on mostbet.

“I’m disappointed with the words of Joshua, but I understand that this story with“ envy ”was inflated after my criticism of their negotiations with Wilder. Suddenly I became a hater. Think about who benefits from such a primitive story? Not Joshua, and not me, ”Lewis wrote in social networks.

Joshua also admitted that now he does not think about the title of absolute world champion, but focuses on returning his champion titles in rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr.

“I don’t think about that anymore,” said Joshua. – I had 22 fights, and they said that I can become an absolute champion. What would I do after? Boxed with Otto Wallin? Thoughts about the absolute championship seemed to say that I was already at the end of my path. I became a champion, combined titles twice, and now my goal is to become a two-time world champion. When I reach it, I can think about becoming an absolute champion. ”

Stipe Miocic about the McGregor scandal

Former UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic noted the jaw of an elderly man in an Irish pub hit by Conor McGregor. Miočić said the video published yesterday on April 6 of this attack is not enough to conclude what happened.

“I watched this video in the morning. Strong old man, holds a blow well. Took a hit like a champion, ”Miocic said in an interview with TV. – We do not know what exactly happened there. Everyone drank there, so I don’t know. I’m not justifying anyone, but we don’t know all the details. There are always two sides to history. ”