Paulo Costa: Knockout Romero in the first round

UFC Middleweight Paulo Costa reiterated his confidence that he would be able to win an early victory over Yoel Romero.

“Yes, I have been waiting for Yoel Romero for a long time,” Costa told “I got hurt, then he got hurt, but I wanted this fight.” I know when I beat Romero, my next fight will be for the title. But for now, my focus is on Yoel Romero. ”

“He is a wrestling champion. But this is MMA. We are not going to fight according to the rules of free-style wrestling. Believe me, I will knock him out. And if he is not very smart, I will conduct him a takedown and end the fight by asphyxiation. I’m just telling Yoel to be careful what you want. I will fight Romero, as I always fight. From the first second I will try to knock him out. It will end in the first round. No one knows how to handle my power. I hit very hard, and Yoel just can’t handle it. ”